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A New Member of the School Family

As the news has already started to spread, I would like to share some 'Ysgol Cybi School Council' news with you at the end of the Spring Term. Following a School Council campaign led by Miley Edwards, Madison Marshall and William Owen we have now committed to finding a dog to be part of the Ysgol Cybi family.

When the request was originally sent to me, believe me as a Headteacher I was not keen at all and saw only the endless problems that would surely arise with a dog on our school site! But, the School Council was determined, very determined. They set about to…..

• Present the arguments for having a dog, thoroughly and clearly

• Identified potential problems and offered detailed solutions

• Find out more about the stories of other schools that had gone down the same route.

• Without informing members of staff(!), set up and held a digital meeting with the Head of Ysgol Tywyn (who already have a school dog).

• Present the arguments to the Headteacher and Governing Body

• Not forgetting the new t-shirts and mug!!

We'll be sharing more information with you over the coming weeks, but can I emphasise that the use of dogs to support all aspects of children's welfare in schools has become ever more popular in recent years as schools have proved success with the initiative. As the arrangements are put in place we will be thinking carefully about the practicalities, drawing up risk assessments and of course seeking parental consent to ensure that you and the children are comfortable with developments

Letter - A New Member of the School Family


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