Ysgol Cybi Estyn Inspection

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Ysgol Cybi’s Estyn Inspection Report has finally been published and is now available on the Estyn website.


Whilst the school welcomes such monitoring processes and appreciates their role in assisting us identify both our strengths and weaknesses, it’s important that I also acknowledge the added workload. May I thank the members of the Governing Body and our fantastic staff for their work during this time. The outcomes speak for themselves with only one school recommendation; and we are all especially proud that our efforts to prioritise welfare have been identified as a case study to be shared with all other schools on the Estyn website.

We will be continuing with the work of responding to the recommendation that has been shared with us and look for further opportunities to develop aspects of excellence throughout our provision. We look forward to continuing to work with and for the benefit of our local community.


Mr Owain L Roberts
Pennaeth Ysgol Cybi

(To download the Ysgol Cybi Estyn Inspection Letter click here)